A Cultist’s Downfall

A Cultist's Downfall

A Cultist's Downfall

This was a commission piece made for a freeform roleplaying event. Based around A4 format pages, the finished book is approximately 12″ by 9″ and is bound in hand-painted green and bronze leather, embossed with a reptilian design. Deep red hand-pressed endpapers hold the book block in place.

The ‘furniture’ – tentacle-clasp and corner-guards – are of art clay in shades of bronze and pewter, finished with acrylic varnish. A bronze spike on a light chain holds the book closed, and the heavier chain attached to the spine allows the book to be secured to a bench or shelf.

Perfect for summoning nameless horrors from beyond time and space. Or for keeping that collection of pressed tentacles…


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